Release Date

5 April 2019

Plug-In Version


nopCommerce Version



  • Add resource string for all active language.
  • Setting for storing the solr-queries in solr logs.
  • Perform Indexing on entity change.
  • Solr down message in solr log.

Bug Fixes:

  • AutoComplete is not showing product Results
  • Solr Search boosting query issue with different language Culture.
  • Solr debug query not returing Solr result when passing long  string solr query.
  • Not Showing Last Attribute value in facet result even when specification & productAttribute facet is enable.

Does this release require to uninstall and install plugin again?

  • No

Does this release require to setup new core or perform re-indexing?

  • No. One can use existing Solr Core. No need to re-index.