nopAccelerate Plus Pro helps businesses across the nopCommerce industry in creating quickly relevant, scalable, and lightning-fast in-site search and discovery experiences.

It is one of the Best Rich Search Plugin for your nopCommerce Stores. It integrates Apache Solr with nopCommerce that offers outstanding features to improve your in-site products search.

nopAccelerate Plus Pro is a search technology to power your business and makes your e-Commerce store search more powerful that will increase your user experiences to your customers that will fall in love with it.

Why nopAccelerate PLUS Pro?

Better and Faster Search Results directly and positively impact sales.

Better Search = More Revenue!!

nopAccelerate Plus Pro is completely different compared to nopAccelerate. We started nopAccelerate in 2013-14 and since we see a lot of change in nopCommerce architecture which allows to design and develop the new integration plugin in the more proficient and modern way, something which can be integrated effortlessly in a more standard way. This time our product will be more compatible with other themes & plugins and is easier to extend and maintain.

nopAccelerate Plus Pro includes Search & Facets features as well that makes it different from nopAccelerate Plus Search.

Core Features:

1    DIH(Data Import Handler) Indexing Process Which makes it faster.

2    Reloading Core From Panel

3    Create Core Setup Automatically which include creating the managed schema, data import handler      

       request,update dbConfig files & manages schema.

4    Clear Core data from nopAccelerate Plus Pro Admin Panel.

5    Solr Query Execution from nopAccelerate Plus Pro Admin Panel.

6    Automatic Indexing on Entity Changes Just by enabling the setting.

7    Support to direct database update also makes an automatic update for Incremental Table.

8    Basic Configuration Panel in nopCommerce Admin Panel.

9    Single Core for multi-language & Multi-Store.

10  API Integration.

11  Advanced Wizard Setup for Solr Setup & Product Integration.

12  Easy to understand the Product Basics and Settings Tour in Admin Panel.

13  Zero Theme Customization.

14  Support for 36 languages out of the box.

15  Compatibility with NopTemplates Themes.

Search Features :

1    Replaces your nopCommerce default search.

2    Search functionality has greater configuration settings for search Relevancy.

3    Advanced Language Analysis while searching

4    Perform searching on Meta Title, Meta Description & Meta Keywords.

5    Auto Spell Suggestions.

6    Search Results Sorting Options.

7    Infinite Scrolling option as well as Pagination option.

8    Fine tuning search results using advanced Minimum Should Match.

9    Advanced search functionality which makes you search result has greater relevancy.

10  Advance AutoComplete Search with more relevancy.

Catalog Features :

1    Product Navigation Catalog from Apache Solr

2    Layered/Faceted Navigation

3    Solr Enhanced Category, Manufacturer & Tag Catalog Pages.

4    Configurable Catalog Listing Options

5    Stay Online while First-time Full Indexing

6    Support Default Filters

7    Category Page Filters

8    Manufacturer Page Filters

9    Product Tag Page Filters

10  Price Range Filter with jQuery Slider UI

11  Multi-Select Faceting

12  Enhanced Faceting User Interface

13  Instant Ajax Faceting

14  Ajax Response Caching

15  Solr Request Caching

16  Stock Availability Filter

17  Sorting as per Rating

18  Responsive Filters to support mobile devices

19  Infinite Scrolling for all Catalog Pages

20  State aware URLs using HTML5 History State API

Facet Features:

1   Price Range as well as Price Slot Facet Filter.

2   Category, Manufacture, Vendor & Product Tag Facet Filter.

3   Product Attribute & Specification Attribute Facet Filter.

4   Stock Availability Filter

5   Product Rating Facets Filter.

6   Instant Ajax Faceting

7   Search within Facet Result Functionality

8   Less/More functionality when many facet results.

9   Default Facet result displaying setting like Collapse or Opened on Page Load.