Release Date

1 April 2019

Plug-In Version


nopCommerce Version



  • Performance Improvement. Made single request for search & facet request. This enhances performance.
  • Made Selector Configuration dynamic so one its more configurable and no need to customize in theme views.
  • Added a setting to log Solr queries in nopCommerce system logs. This is helpful for debug purposes.
  • Improved the price range slider design, now we display selected min & max in nice tooltip.
  • Improved Filter design for Mobile Screen. Filter Slide out menu now leaves some space as overlay touching on which will close filter slide out.

Bug Fixes:

  • Tours was not meant for Mobile Screen. So disabled tours for mobile screen.
  • Displayed a message that indexing is in progress, if its already running when we click Start Indexing button.
  • Add to Compare was displayed even if it was disabled from Catalog Settings. Now it works properly.
  • On Catalog Settings & Catalog Facet Setting, Working tab doesn't load after saving settings. Now working tab loads as Selected Tab.
  • Price Range does not respect custom formatting. Now it respects custom formatting.
  • Change powered by image in admin of nopAccelerate catalog & search.
  • Added Logs for indexing start, stop or fail events.
  • Improved License Page design.

Does this release require to uninstall and install plugin again?

  • No

Does this release require to setup new core or perform re-indexing?

  • No. One can use existing Solr Core. No need to re-index.