Release Date

March 17, 2019

Plug-In Version


nopCommerce Version



  • Add Support for ActionFilter of Catalog Controller.
  • Tour Implementation for Search Config Page.
  • Publish event for prepare model of Catalog.
  • Searching SKU & GTIN defined under Attribute combination.
  • Make singlr request for search & facet request for performance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Get Attributes data from categoryName instead of CategoryId
  • UnPubllished Category,Manufacturer,Vendor,ProductAttribute & specificationAttributes is showing in Facet filter
  • Stop Indexing is not working when Stopping Cycle.
  • Remove Perform Indexing on entity change as its implemented in wrong way
  • Long Solr Query Execution failed when passing Value in Query Execution.
  • Remove Code of Getting PictureIds from database.
  • ProductAttribute & Specification Attribute Facet applying not showing product results & product result count perfectly.
  • Resolve the Message Format while Importing setting when nopVersion & nopAccelerateVersion is not matching.
  • Solr down Message on header of page when admin is login implemented wrongly
  • Less/More not showing color-Square properly.
  • Improve all wizard setup log message.
  • Resolve the Issue when Indexing is showing the More than 100%.
  • Resolve the Issue of String or Binary Data Truncate while Storing SystemNames for Activate WidgetNames.

Does this release require to uninstall and install plugin again?

  • Yes

Does this release require to setup new core or perform re-indexing?

  • Yes