Follow below steps to install and configure nopAccelerate Plus in an easy way:

1. Once you have downloaded plugin successfully, Install plugin on your store.

2. After successful installation of plugin go to Administration > nopAccelerate Plus > nopAccelerate+ Search > Configure .

3. Add license keys which is provided to you through email.

4. Once license keys are added successfully you will be redirected to Getting Started page of the plugin.

    Here, you will find two options to setup nopAccclerate Plus Pro:

         1. If you click on "Yes" button you will be redirected to Quick Wizard Setup which will guide you to setup Solr and                                      Java on your machine.

       2. If you click on No thanks, i will set up manually,  you will be redirected to nopAccelerate configure page & you                                      have to setup Solr and Java manually on your machine.


               You can get guidance at Java Setup and Solr Setup in this document to configure it manually.