Release Date

06 June 2019

Plug-In Version


nopCommerce Version



  • Image Indexing using DIH Instead of Atomic Updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Clicked on Faceting checkboxes are overlapped on each-other.
  • Code Refactoring.
  • Solr down message on header showing still solr is connected.
  • Search within textbox placeholder not putting correct category,manufacturer names.
  • Hide the throbber screen when Core setup gets failed.
  • Vendor updated price is not showing in product Box even disabled setting for 'Getting price from solr'
  • Adding Review shows the two products in Product Box List.
  • Viewmode change not supporting theme wise design.
  • Collapse Issue in Mobile Screen issue fixed.
  • Duplicates record of copyField destination after performing Atomic update using API.
  • IN IE infinite scroll is not working.
  • Faceting is not working when specification has & Character.
  • Toggle Faceting is not working with Default Theme.
  • Showing Solr Down even plugin is not enabled for catalog.
  • Infinite scrolling is not working in RESOLUTION SIZE (height: 625).
  • Facet collapse Issue in Mobile Screen.
  • Design Improvement for Clear All & Clear Link on Facet.
  • Faceting is not working with % character.
  • Css not found issue when using Custom theme or no Template themes.
  • Searching with small keyword(tshirt) & capital keyword(tShirt) giving different result Issue.
  • Default pagination value when AllowCustomersToSelectPageSize is disable.
  • Only getting required fields when Solr Query executing instead of all fields.
  • Pagination is not working properly with native theme.
  • Javascript throwing viewmode_href is undefined when using Venture Theme.
  • Use theme name wise rtl theme & theme name of nopAccelerate plus.
  • MarkAllAsPending selected,ImageStatus selected & deleted not working properly in Product Status page.
  • Catalog/search page, with multi language, hover on product image the tool tip is common for all the products.
  • Searching functionality in facet Result is not working with color square.
  • Searching functionality in facet Result is not working in IE.
  • Search in Facet , it removes 'more' option from other facets.
  • Adding Language not properly Creating Managed Schema.
  • Adding Language does not installing resource values of nopAccelerate search.
  • Enable/disable facet setting not working for Vendor & ProductTag pages

Does this release require to uninstall and install plugin again?

  • Yes

Does this release require to setup new core or perform re-indexing?

  • Yes, As changed the managed schema structure