Release Date

September 14 2019

Plug-In Version


Supported nopCommerce Version



  1. Add support for nopCommerce 4.20.
  2. Updated Core DLL version 3.0.2

Bug Fixes:

  1. Total records not displayed in ListProductAttributeMapping.
  2. Add Shipment Not working quantity and order item wise.
  3. Allow adding associated product to group product only.
  4. InsertManufacturer throws error when wrong ManufacturerId passed.
  5. Removed Feature Product and DisplayOrder parameters from InserProductCategory.
  6. Remove vendorId from methods where not required(User cannot be vendor and admin at same time).
  7. Vendor mapping doesn't work in DeleteProduct Method.
  8. InsertProductCategory throws error when Invalid categoryId is passed.
  9. Removed Multiple store configuration(not required).
  10. DeleteOrderAPI- Order is not deleted when invalid vendorId passed.
  11. EditProductMethod-Object reference not set to an instance of object.
  12. ListOrder- Filters not working.
  13. AddShipment method issues resolved.
  14. UpdateAssociateProduct method give successful response for invalid productId.
  15. InsertProductAttributeMapping - Works when invalid ControlTypeId passed.
  16. InsertProductAttributeValue - Remove unnecessary request parameter.
  17. Remove LanguageId and CurrencyId from parameters where not required.