1. Implements Web Services API as per REST standards for all client side services / methods for nopCommerce which you can use to

      Pull and Push data from any external application build on any other language or platform.

  1. Outputs Standards JSON Response
  2. One of the complete set of API that can be consumed by mobile application or any other application that needs to generate or perform client side operations.
  3. Secured using JWT (JSON Web Token) - currently supports HS256,HS384,HS512 methods for token encryption, can be disabled for developing or debugging purposes.
  4. Supports API calls on Secured Connection (HTTPS) or Unsecured Connection (HTTP) between server & client
  5. Protected against Replay Attacks
  6. Well documented
  7. Supported by professional team
  8. Continuously maintained and updated by professional team
  9. Multi store supported
  10. Supported nopCommerce versions 3.60 to 4.00
  11. Check admin access key for secure access of admin methods