Twilio SMS API:

  • Select programmable SMS and click on continue.  
  • Enter project name or you can skip the steps unless you reach the Dashboard.

  • Go to Twilio home page and you can find your Twilio credential under Project Info.


  • Go to Programmable SMS tab and click on get started.

  • Then Click on "Get started". And you can get your twilio number, you can use that number to send SMS.

  • Now this way you number will active and you can use further for SMS .

  • Now go to universal SMS plugin → configure page →  interface setting tab.

  • Country: Select country for send SMS.
  • Provider Interface Type: Select Twilio SMS API.  
  • Twilio SID: Enter Twilio SID that you can fet from twilio account.
  • Twilio Auth Token: Enter Twilio auth token that you can get from twilio account
  • Twilio SMS number: Enter twilio phone number that can get from twilio account.

Note: Enter phone number without country code, Space, dash, e.g. you phone number is “+1 256-645-8461 ” you need to enter phone number in this format: “2566458461”.

  • Active: Check Active.

Note: If you configured Twilio trial account then you need to perform below steps:

Click on ("+") button to verify the reviver's phone number.