• You need to register with any SMS provider that provides SMS Http API.
  • Here I have registered for “smsgatewayhub” for send SMS through SMS Http API. You can register from this URL: “” or you can register from different SMS Http API Providers.
  • If you have registered in “smsgatewayhub” then Go to API Document → Http API Tab and get API URL and if you have registered from different SMS Http API  Providers then you need to get API URL from that providers.

  • Get API Key from SMS Http API  Providers and replace API key in URL and Replace country code field with #COUNTRYCODE#, mobile number field with #MOBILENUMBER# and message field with #MESSAGE# respectively.
  • After replacing fields Url Look like this:  “”
  • Now go to universal SMS plugin → configure page →  interface setting tab.

  • Country: Select country for send SMS.
  • Provider Interface Type: Select SMS Http Api.  
  • API/Gateway: Enter your API URL with replaced tokens and API key.


  • Active: Check Active.