• Add ribbon tab will provides functionality to create a new ribbon with all details.
  • You can create as many ribbons as you want.


  1. Ribbon name : This is the name of the ribbon and is a required field. It is needed, so that you can separate your ribbons from each other as you can have as many ribbons as you want.
  2. Ribbon Start Date : Set the start date from which the Ribbon will be activated. This is very useful for example when you want to show a ribbon for a season sale and you can set when the promotion of this sale to start.
  3. Ribbon End Date : Setting the end date to which the ribbon will be active. This is useful when you want to stop showing the ribbon after this date.
  4. Enabled : Enable status makes Ribbon is available for displaying on home page.
  5. Display Order : A lower number is a higher priority ! Set the priority of the product ribbon.
  6. Mark As New : Check/ Uncheck to enable/disable  then ribbon will apply on mark as new product(apply on new product of nopCommerce).
  7. Do not Display More Ribbon after this : It is possible that you have several ribbons that could be shown for a given product, so if this is checked no other ribbon will be show after this one is shown.
  8. Limited to Store : Option to limit this Ribbon to a certain store. If you have multiple stores, choose one or several from the list. If you don't use this option just leave this field empty.