Release Date

30th July 2019

Plug-In Version



nopCommerce Version



  • Added a feature that allows store owner to give in-stock product higher relevancy for search results.
  • Solr Down notification now supports multiple email addresses in a comma separated list.
  • New licensing system implementation with Product Limit & Expiration Date.
  • Performance improvement. Added a setting to ignore AvailableStartDateTimeUtc & AvailableEndDateTimeUtc, this improve raw Solr query performance.
  • Performance improvement. We now use baseController instead of basePublicController for searching products.
  • Performance improvement. AutoComplete search is now coming within 50 ms.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Issues. Convert to Decimal is not working when language culture is other than English. Now it works with all language cultures.
  • Fixed Issues. Solr down alert was not showing on front side when admin is logged in.
  • Fixed Issues. Solr debug query throwing object reference error when solr is down.
  • Fixed Issues. General settings, 'Enable Ajax request' must be enabled for 'Enable Infinite Scrolling' to work.
  • Fixed Issues. Catalog pages not showing the images for second store, when plugin is enabled.
  • Fixed Issues. Images does not load on Catalog Pages in Product Box when using SSL.
  • Fixed Issues. Remove extra horizontal space from selected facet section.
  • Fixed Issues. Reload Core & Core Setup does not work when we have ‘solr’ in the name of hostname in Solr Core URL.
  • Fixed Issues. Remove extra unused entities from db-config.xml except Product Entity.
  • Fixed Issues. Buttons spacing missing in configuration page.
  • Fixed Issues. Core Setup ajax call failed when app is hosted as virtual directory ex: localhost/nopcommerce.
  • Fixed Issues. Tour tooltip information should come only once when configure page is opened for first time in a week.
  • Fixed Issues. Added validation for plugin settings.
  • Fixed Issues. Spellcheck is not working correctly with SKU & GTIN.
  • Fixed Issues. Products are not marked as Pending for Index Status when change Specification Attributes Values.
  • Fixed Issues. Page number should contain href attribute for SEO when infinite scrolling is disabled.
  • Fixed Issues. Infinite Scrolling & Display No. of Products found does not work when Facets are disabled.
  • Fixed Issues. Select WidgetZone For Facet Filter is not working for Catalog Pages.
  • Fixed Issues. Searching was considering html tags & styles for Full Description field. Now html tags & styles are stripped.
  • Fixed Issues. License section design is broken when license is expired or when it fails to validate.
  • Fixed Issues. Infinite scrolling is not working when Infinite Scrolling till Page is 1.
  • Fixed Issues. Mega menu was not displayed as expected when category page loading from nopAccelerate & JavaScript minification was enabled. Now it works.
  • Fixed Issues. Advance search option must hide when searching products from nopAccelerate plus.

Does this release require to uninstall and install plugin again?

  • Yes, because change in Stored Procedure & manage schema Structure

Does this release require to setup new core or perform re-indexing?

  • Yes, As changed the managed schema structure