list of Changes made in 4.40 Up gradation

  • Feature

  1. Added support for nopCommerce 4.40
  2. Updated Core DLL to version 5.0.0
  3. In all methods Request passing store id, language Id and  currency id so based on that we are checking  in Database, if it exists then it will set for that Request , if it's not then we are taking the work-context language Id  ,currency Id , and store context Id.

  •  Modify  Methods

 In Catalog Controller changes in below methods for add 4.40 filters functionality

 Filter Using  Price,  SpecificationOptionIds, ManufacturerIds

Changes in  also request and Response

  1.      Get Product By Category
  2.      Get Product By Tag
  3.      Get Product By ManufacturerId
  4.      Get Product By VendorId
  5.      Load Filters
  6.      Apply Filters

 Example - /Api/Client/ApplyFilter


    "ApiSecretKey": "i99b98d117m116a112o98k115c111",

    "CustomerGUID": "496DBB2A-F9EB-4522-A804-B108693B69CE",

    "StoreId": "1",

    "LanguageId": "1",

    "CurrencyId": "1",

    "CategoryId": 1,

    "CatalogPagingResponse": {

        "PageSize": "3",

        "PageNumber": "1",

        "OrderBy": "0",

        "Price": "10-10000", //Min-max format


        "ManufacturerIds": [2,3]       



  • Fixed Bugs

    • Add MarkAsNew and Sku into product list in Catalog methods
    • Add Description into category list  in Catalog methods
    • Extra Authentication customer GUID fixed  in Miscellaneous methods
    • add Breadcrumb into product details page in Product methods
    • Getting an error into EnterCreditCardInfo due to parameter into miss order in checkout methods
    • Add card store for payment plugin in checkout methods
    • change status into NoShippingRequired methods in checkout methods
    • add CustomValues for third party plugin  in checkout methods
    • IsPaymentWorkflowRequired method getting an error Some how they use reward points but it's wrong in checkout methods
    • Product_AttributeChange sending wrong Id in attribute xml instead of ProductAttributeId it sending Id

                  in shopping cart methods