If you using Shared Server for solr Server then you need some Setup for Core:

  • Put the remote solr server url in Solr Core URL Field & save the configure page.
  • Click on Core setup will take some time to setup solrcore & you will find that (Managed Schema,
    Core Stream Body & Pattern Handler) will be done correctly but (DB Config File & Request Handler) will showing the RED CROSS sign which means we need to setup some file manually.

Manual Steps to do for remote server Hosting

  • Open nopAccelerate plus => nopAccelerate+ search => Configure page to downalod the setup required files on Remote sever
  • Find the 'Setup files download' option & download the required setup files by clicking the button which will download the zip file.
  • UnZip file contains 3 files so Copy db-data-config.xml, solrconfig.xml and synonyms.txt and paste them at Conf folder of your Solr Data Directory. Once done, please Reload the Core from Solr Admin.
  • Before we connect to SQL Server database from Solr, we need to install Microsoft JDBC Driver into Solr. To do the same, please copy sqljdbc42.jar file from extracted folder and paste it at Solr's lib folder for dataimporthandler. On Windows it should be at C:\solr-7.5.0\contrib\dataimporthandler\lib. Please create folder if its not there already.
  • Once you done with this manual setup,click on Reload Button of Configure page to Reload the Core to affect the changes done by manually.
  • Again go to Core setup, this time (Request Handler) will done correctly so you just need to manually update the setting for DbConfigFileStatus to true & perform indexing
  • If indexing is working means you have setup the remote core setup correctly