General Tab Configuration

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*Before using this plug-in your SQL user Must have following permission:

1) Database backup access path permission

2) Database backup permission

3) Bulk load statement permission

First you need to complete the three assessment. If assessment not completed plug in enable check box

will be not display.

    [ Note: The name of the database is not editable from configuration page ]

      [Note: if you do not have permission to use the  bulk load statement then  a message will be displayed like =>  "you do not have permission to use        the bulk load statement" then follow this  step:

  1. Start SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Expand Security->Logins
  3. Locate your user, right click on it and take Properties
  4. Open Server Roles tab
  5. Make sure that bulk admin is checked.
  6. There you can experiment with other roles if bulk admin doesn't work for you.
  7. Click OK.