1. Enable/Disable Plug-in functionality.
  2. Enable/Disable dropping bundle related tables when un-installing the plug-in.
  3. Multi-store supported.
  4. Multi-currency supported.
  5. Create and manage various bundles and set bundle title as well as bundle name.
  6. Enable/Disable bundle and apply discount on bundle.
  7. Add bundle products to cart from bundle.
  8. Easy navigation to additional products.
  9. Auto update/delete of bundle discount on updating/deleting bundled product from the cart.
  10. Discount amount can or cannot be in percentage of bundle subtotal amount.
  11. Position your bundles' list on the basis of selected widget zone.
  12. Supported nopCommerce versions 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00.